The Ultimate Mormon Theological Contradiction’s Reliance on the Ultimate Mormon Destiny

The bizarre adventure of Mormonism, as it exists in the 21st Century, is actual agnate to the adroit address and use of a computer generated affidavit fraudulently represented to be a absolute archetype of, for example, a address certificate, alliance certificate, or added accessible affidavit originally created on cardboard and electronically scanned into a PDF document. Such an adulterine computer generated document, a absolute fraud, is craftily created by its maker in apparent layers bogus from added ahead created abstracts that preexisted the counterfeit generated document. For Mormonism began acutely in 1830, but its absolute origins began in the minds of Joseph Smith, Jr., his mother, Lucy Mack Smith, his father, Joseph Smith, Sr., his brother, Hyrum Smith, and, in all probability, his third cousin, Oliver Cowdery, about the year 1820. Supposedly, in that year, Joseph Smith, Jr., the fourteen year old son of a bootless agriculturalist in up-state, Palmyra, New York, apart absitively to adjure to his celestial in adjustment to be led to the abbey that he should join. According to the account told by the boy, Smith, he went, in his fifteenth year, to a abounding breadth abreast his father’s acreage and allegedly prayed. This was, allegedly, done in the bounce of 1820, and Joseph Smith, Jr. came abroad from the dupe to originally acquaint assertive people, aboriginal his mother, father, and brother, that he had accustomed a eyes in which an angel came to him and instructed him to accompany none of the absolute Christian churches. In Lucy Mack Smith’s adventures of her son, Joseph Smith, Jr., she wrote that “Joseph had told her that an angel, alleged Nephi, appeared to him in his aboriginal vision.” This was in actuality the aboriginal of seven versions of what Joseph Smith, Jr. referred to, from 1820 until 1843, as his “first vision.” There was in actuality an eighth adaptation of the “vision story” that was adopted from all seven of the actual altered versions of Joseph Smith, Jr., afterwards his annihilation and death, by his successor, Brigham Young, in 1848, which is the adaptation acclimated by the LDS Abbey as its accustomed official “missionary version”

In the actual years afterward 1820, actual little is accustomed from actual annal about the activities of the ancestors of Joseph Smith, Sr., except for testimonies from neighbors in Palmyra, New York that, as a collaborative team, Joseph Sr. and Joseph Jr. acquired their basic assets by “money digging” through the use of a “seer stone” that Joseph Smith, Jr. begin while digging a baptize well. The Smiths represented themselves to their neighbors as possessing the abstruse agency of analysis alive abundance through “folk abracadabra and sorcery” by the use of the white oval-shaped “seer stone.” According to affidavit affidavits from acclaimed men of the Palmyra community, amid the years 1820 and 1830, and later, as able-bodied as from the journals and affidavit of admirable men and women who knew and associated with the Smith family, the recorded facts acknowledge that Joseph Smith, Jr. took to cutting a Jupiter amulet about his abutting about the year 1819, which he connected cutting until his baleful annihilation in 1844. The neighbors and accompany who wrote about Joseph Smith, Jr. declared that Joseph wore the amulet for mystical adeptness while application the “seer stone” to acquisition alive treasure. According to the absolute records, the adolescent Joseph Smith and his ancestor were not accustomed with award any alive treasure, but according to the acknowledged annal of Manchester County, New York, Joseph Smith, Jr. was accused of bent artifice in 1822 by one of his neighbors, who had paid him money to acquisition alive abundance on his land. According to the cloister record, accessible on the Internet. Smith was accused, tried, bedevilled of bent fraud, and fined for committing the crime.

Then, al of a abrupt in 1823, came the story, reportedly proffered by alone Joseph Smith, Jr., that accession angel, alleged Moroni, appeared to him at his ancestors acreage in his allowance while he was sleeping. Again, supposedly, adolescent Smith told his mother, father, and brother, about the angel, and Lucy Mack Smith afterwards wrote that the angel Nephi had afresh appeared to her son. Supposedly, Joseph Smith, Jr. had no affiliation with his third cousin, Oliver Cowdery, until about 1828, even admitting Cowdery lived and formed as a academy abecedary in accession boondocks not added that 45 afar abroad from Palmyra. Yet, this is not believable based aloft the abrupt and abutting accord that the two adolescent men afterwards assumed, and the actuality that Joseph Smith, Jr. did not acknowledge to the accessible the ancestors accord that Cowdery and he had shared. According to the then, eighteen year old Smith, the additional angel told him about aureate plates alive in a acropolis not far from the ancestors farm, and that time would go by afore he would be accustomed to acquire the aureate plates, from which would appear an aboriginal 588 page book, “The Book of Mormon,” about the Hebrew (Jewish) agent of the Native American Indians, an aboriginal approach that a Protestant minister, Ethan Smith (no affiliation to Joseph Smith, Jr.) had apart fatigued 5 years earlier, in 1825, and, about which E. Smith had accounting a book that was accessible to Joseph Smith, Jr., entitled, “A View of the Hebrews.” About 1925, Mormon academic and accustomed ascendancy B. H. Roberts acutely advised the amazing affinity of Ethan Smith’s book with the 1830 archetype of the “Book of Mormon,” and concluded, for the Mormon Church” that Joseph Smith, Jr. had apparently acquired essentially from E. Smith’s book, “A View of the Hebrews.”

In accession to the accounts of “money digging” and a aplomb for bent artifice during the years afterward Smith’s aboriginal declared eyes in 1820, it is aswell recorded that the adolescent Smith acutely abutting the Methodist Abbey in Palmyra, New York, and became romantically complex with Emma Hale, who eventually became his wife in 1827. Amid the time that Joseph Smith, Jr. was, supposedly, visited by the additional angel, in 1823, and the year of his marriage, in 1827, the actual absorbing and artistic adolescent man had four years to plan with his mother, father, brother, and third cousin, Oliver Cowdery, to advance on cardboard a believable anecdotal about the discovery, retrieval, and declared adaptation of the aureate plates that the additional angel, supposedly, accustomed him to acquire just anon afterwards he was married. He aswell had abundant time to work, primarily, with his actual community and abreast cousin, Oliver, to adapt and address a asperous abstract of what would be about known, in 1830, as the “Book of Mormon.” Oliver Cowdery’s educational level, and abstruse deductive, intuitive, and bookish abilities, which placed him in, probably, the top fifteen percent of the a lot of able men in the nation at that time in history, accustomed him to afterwards become a acknowledged practicing lawyer, and Joseph Smith, Jr.’s agreeableness and absorbing admission over added people, his accurate adeptness to apprehend and address well, and his admission to, and use of, the backing of accessible libraries in the towns of Palmyra and Manchester, are facts that advance the backstairs bunco of the two men, from 1823 until afterwards 1828, in the autograph and assembly of the aboriginal and final drafts of the 1830 “Book of Mormon.” Yet, in the academic official history of the Mormon Church, accounting by adherent assembly of the Mormon bureaucracy afterwards the annihilation and afterlife of Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1844, the arguable official adaptation of events, from 1820 to 1830, makes it assume that Joseph Smith, Jr. and Oliver Cowdery were complete strangers if they, supposedly, met ancient in 1828; when, according to the Mormon version, Cowdery accustomed Joseph Smith, Jr. as a prophet, became his scribe, and assisted him in the adaptation of the “reformed Egyptian language, which was allegedly the accent acclimated in aforetime block what was accounting aloft the aureate plates; which were not in actuality witnessed by the anatomical eyes of the three declared assemblage who testified that they saw the plates. These declared assemblage swore that they had witnessed the aureate plates with their “spiritual eyes,” whatever that meant.

What happened consecutive to April 6, 1830, afterwards the “Book of Mormon” was appear beforehand that year, and if the Mormon Abbey was acutely accustomed on that date, is appealing abundant a amount of constant actual record, which acutely serves to accurately argue the theological, doctrinal, and actual claims of the Mormon Abbey hierarchy. The aboriginal adverse band of the artifice was the, basically, Trinitarian, “Book of Mormon,” into which Joseph Smith, Jr. placed a allocation of the Christian assize independent in the New Testament; that is, the attributes of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Angelic Spirit. Primarily that God is articular in the aboriginal 1830 archetype of the “Book of Mormon” as the acceptable Trinity. In the aboriginal banausic 1830 edition, 1 Nephi 11:18-21 reads,

“And the angel said unto me, catch the Lamb of God, yea even the Abiding Father! And I answered him, saying: Yea, it is the adulation of God, which sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the accouchement of men; wherefore,it is the a lot of adorable of all things. And he spake unto me, saying, Yea, and the a lot of blissful to the soul. And afterwards he had said these words, he said unto me, Look! And I looked, and I beheld the Son of God traveling alternating a part of the accouchement of men; and I saw abounding abatement down at his anxiety and adoration him.”

In contrast, the actual altered 1 Nephi 11:18-21, from the accustomed 1981 archetype of the “Book of Mormon,” reads as follows:

“And he said unto me: catch the abstinent whom thou seest is the mother of the son of God, afterwards the address of the flesh. And it came to canyon that I beheld that she was agitated abroad in the Spirit for the amplitude of a time the angel spake unto me, saying: Look! And I looked and beheld abstinent again, address a adolescent in her arms. And the angel said unto me: Catch the Lamb of God, yea, even the Son of the Abiding Father! Knowest thou the acceptation of the timberline which thy ancestor saw?”

The 1981 archetype the “Book of Mormon” was afflicted grammatically and textually to reflect the changes in Mormon assize bogus afterwards 1830, primarily afterwards 1835. About February 1835, the absoluteness of God the Ancestor and Jesus Christ was radically afflicted in accordance with the abolitionist change in what Joseph Smith, Jr. bogus in 1835 to his 1820 “first vision.” In that year, the 29 year old Smith afflicted his adventure to say that, instead of one angel, alleged Nephi, two abstracted personages appeared to him in the woods, God the Ancestor and his son Jesus, in actual bodies of beef and bone. This animal acumen amid God the Ancestor and God the Son bogus the textual change in 1 Nephi 11:18-21, of the aboriginal 1830 archetype necessary. Joseph Smith, Jr. attributed these all-important changes to what he alleged “continuing revelation, admitting analytic absent Christians could acutely see that it was in actuality because of basic pragmatism. Yet, the abundant blended Trinitarian acquiescence of the aboriginal 1830 archetype could not accept been essentially afflicted throughout the absolute “Book of Mormon, in its afterwards editions, afterwards the apparent attendance of arrant contradictions. Hence, the absoluteness and airy attributes of the Godhead was retained from the aboriginal 1830 archetype in such verses as begin in Alma 18:24-28, as apparent below:

“And Ammon began to allege unto him in aggressiveness and said unto him: Believest thou that there is a God? And he answered, and said unto him: I do not apperceive what that meaneth,. And afresh Ammon said: Believest thou that there is a Great Spirit? And he said, Yea. And Ammon said: This is God. And Ammon said unto him again: Believest thou that this Great Spirit, who is God, created all things, which are in heaven and in earth? And he said: Yea, I accept that he created all things which are in the earth; but I do not apperceive the heavens. And Ammon said unto him: The blast is a abode area God dwells and all his angelic angels.”

Other verses, such as that those begin in Alma 11:44, apparent below, acknowledge the aboriginal Trinitarian focus of the “Book of Mormon.” This businesslike about-face of Mormon assize was able-bodied authentic by Dr. Thomas G. Alexander, the currently retired Lemuel Redd Professor of Western History at Brigham Adolescent University, in his 1980 “Sunstone” publication, “The About-face of Mormon Doctrine.” I batten with Dr. Alexander by email, and in a blast call, wherein he told me that official LDS Abbey magazines had banned to broadcast his diffuse and bookish cardboard for doctrinal reasons, and that he had basic the accuracy about the changes in Mormon assize and article appear for the account of the rank-and book Mormon Church.

“Now, this apology shall appear to all, both old and young, both band and free, both macho and female, both the abandoned and the righteous; and even there shall not so abundant as a hair of their alive be lost; but aggregate shall be adequate to its absolute frame, as it is now, or in the body,and shall be brought and be arraigned afore the bar of Christ, the Son, and God the Father, and the Angelic Spirit, which is one abiding God, to be advised according to their works, whether they be acceptable or whether they be evil.”

Furthermore, the absolute verses in Mosiah 15:1-4 appearance even, added so, the absoluteness of the Ancestor and the Son Jesus as God in acquiescence to the Trinitarian assize of the King James Adaptation of the Angelic Bible acclimated by Joseph Smith, Jr. in his “Book of Mormon.”

“And now Abinadi said unto them: I would that ye should accept that God himself shall appear down a part of the accouchement of men, and shall redeem his people. And because he dwelleth in flesh, he shall be alleged the Son of God, and accepting subjected the beef to the will of the Father, getting the Ancestor and the Son– The Ancestor because he was conceived by the adeptness of God; and the Son, because of the flesh; appropriately acceptable the Ancestor and the Son– And they are one God, yea, the actual Abiding Ancestor of heaven and of earth.”

How could anyone account this, in affiliation with the added cited verses, acquire accession apperception of the Godhead than that of a Trinitarian absoluteness in article by account the foregoing? Moreover, in 2 Nephi 31:21, the inseparable Trinity of the Godhead is afresh succinctly stated:

“… And now, behold, this is the article of Christ, and the alone and accurate article of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Angelic Ghost, which is one God, afterwards end. Amen.”

Therefore, the accuracy of the accessible changes bogus in the aboriginal 1830 archetype of the 19th Century “Book of Mormon,” for the purpose of all-around a actual apparent change in Mormon theology, by the aforementioned awry and fraudulently-minded men who had collectively authored it, cannot possibly be ignored.

Yet, the baleful bucking surreptitiously bogus by the 19th Century Mormon leaders, who cautiously replaced Trinitarian monotheism with agnostic polytheism, came in 1835 if Joseph Smith accustomed and canonized the “Lectures on Faith,” which were produced in the Mormon Academy of the Prophets in 1835 in Kirtland, Ohio. The double-mindedness of Joseph Smith, Jr., depicting his alone animal efforts, was apparent in his attack to validate, in the “Lectures on Faith” the Book of Mormon Trinitarian assize while, at the aforementioned time, he was aswell advancing to acquaint polytheism to the Mormon humans through his counterfeit and aberrant assembly of the Book of Abraham from the Joseph Smith Papyri. The advantage of Mormon gods, with a basic G, was aboriginal alien in 1838 in Smith’s counterfeit “Book of Abraham,” while in 1835, the “Lectures on Faith” became the absolute doctrinal area of the 1835 Article and Covenants. In the canonized “2nd Lecture on Faith,” Joseph Smith, Jr. had accustomed the account that “God has no alpha and no end,” which contradicted Smith’s 1844 “King Follett Discourse,” in which declared that “God the Ancestor began as a bitter man on an earth-like planet.” Furthermore, the LDS “Doctrine and Covenants,” as they currently abide in the 21st Century, were admired by the Mormon Abbey as alone the “Covenants” area of that book from 1835 to about 1925, while the “Lectures on Faith” were, supposedly, accustomed “only” doctrines of the LDS Abbey for over 100 years afore the “Lectures on Faith” were agilely de-canonized about the year 1925. This was because of the baleful ultimate bucking that had existed amid the aboriginal Mormon Trinitarian monotheism and its afterwards change to agnostic polytheism.

The above accurate absolute history of Mormonism was aboriginal explicated in ex-Mormon Fawn Brodie’s archetypal adventures and history of Joseph Smith, Jr. in her book “No Man Knows My History.” Brodie was a niece of Mormon Astrologer David o. McKay, and spent the aboriginal thirty years of her activity in the borders of alive Mormonism, until she became assertive that Mormonism was a counterfeit religion, and not Christian. The avant-garde all-embracing Mormon missionary arrangement was devised, in its aboriginal canned-form about the year 1950 in adjustment to finer conceal, from boilerplate Christianity, all of the accurate pertinent facts about the absolute assize of Mormonism, a assize that was affected in the apperception of Joseph Smith, Jr. and his abutting assembly from 1835 to 1844, aesthetic beneath the theocratic aphorism and ascendancy of the afterwards Mormon prophets, Brigham Adolescent and Lorenzo Snow, in the Utah Territory’s Mormon theocracy, from 1851 to the backward 1890s, and afterwards alien surreptitiously in a all-important bogus fa├žade, created by the Mormon hierarchy, if Mormonism bogus its admission in Christian America; if the Utah Territory was ushered into the Union as a accompaniment on January 4, 1896.

Now, 121 years later, if, per chance, you, a Christian accepter in the angelic accuracy and believability of the Angelic Bible, anytime open-up the aperture of your home to two-or-more men or women (late adolescents or humans abundant older) apery the Mormon (LDS) Church, you can blow assured that those accurate men are Mormon elders (holders of the Mormon Melchizedek priesthood) and that, both, the men, and the women, accept taken claret oaths in some Mormon temple (there are now 155 operating Mormon temples about the world) to do aggregate humanly accessible to enhance the banking backing and social, political, and ecclesiastical admission of the Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. These men, or women, who will be animadversion on your door, are full-time Mormon missionaries, from a around-the-clock all-embracing force of about 90,000 such adolescent Mormon agents, 18 to, approximately, 25 years in age, who anon absorb two full-years of their lives admonition Mormonism about in the affable world. Every adolescent full-time Mormon macho missionary will be neatly dressed in white shirts and ties and will be cutting a baby atramentous name-tag, with white lettering, anecdotic them as “elders” of the Mormon Church. The adolescent women will be cutting agnate name-tags anecdotic them as “sisters.” There are aswell chief couples, men, chief Mormon “elders,” and their wives, who absorb two years, usually at their own expense, admonition the Mormon actuality full-time.

These adolescent full-time Mormon missionaries, abnormally the tens of bags of them aural the United States, are, at aboriginal glance, acutely actuating in action you in their animated cajoling appearance into accepting and assertive that they are apery the one, and only, Jesus Christ, Savior and Redeemer of the world, and his “restored” gospel. As for the chief couples, they are accomplished at their mission training centers to portray a grandfatherly/grandmotherly address to win the Christian’s confidence. In fact, the aboriginal words out of their mouths, of both the adolescent and the old, if you accessible your aperture to accost them, will apparently be their “true” representation of Jesus. Their prime cold is for you to be so afflicted with their acutely “Christian” address that you are emotionally ensconced, and feel accountable to allure them into your active room, action them seats, and acquiesce them to present to you, over a approaching aeon of about four-to-six weeks, six scripted, memorized, and apposite segments of Mormon theology, doctrine, and history, alleged “discussions.”

Hopefully, you accept ahead accustomed by approved mail, by email, or anon from a Christian friend, a archetype of an official LDS (Mormon) affidavit advantaged “Lesson 21 – Man May Become Like God,” from the 1984 39-lesson LDS Melchizedek Priesthood Personal Study Guide, “Search These Commandments.” This accurate affidavit was vainly proclaimed and acclaimed by the 1984 LDS Aboriginal Presidency, comprised of the Mormon Prophet, Seer, and Revelator Spencer W. Kimball and his three Mormon advocate counselors, N. Eldon Tanner, Marion G. Romney, and Gordon B. Hinckley, as assize LDS theology, scripture, doctrine, and commandments, which agency that the absolute apostolic actuality of “Lesson 21 – Man May Become Like God” was, and is currently, admired as assize LDS theology, scripture, and doctrine, from the time it was aboriginal accustomed as such by the Mormon bureaucracy throughout all time. “Lesson 21″ is a blunt digest of Joseph Smith, Jr.’s 1844 “King Follett Discourse” and the endure official advertisement of it in the 20th Century.

These young, and old, missionaries will acquaint you in their six scripted discussions a bogus counterfeit adventure of the agent and acceleration of the Mormon Abbey in the 19th Century, actual altered from my above arbitrary of Mormon history, and will try and accomplish you accept that the one-and-only Actuality of Jesus Christ, announced of by the Advocate Paul in Galatians 1:1-10, abolished from the apple and was “restored” by Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830. They will acquaint you aggregate but the absolute accuracy about Joseph Smith., Jr., Oliver Cowdery, and the added arch characters amenable for the agent of Mormonism; and alone about a basically Mormon Trinitarian assize allegedly appear in the 19th Century Apocrypha, the “Book of Mormon,” which was allegedly translated by Smith. They will affirm to you that the assize and article independent in the “Book of Mormon” are the official assize and doctrines of Mormonism, and the antecedent of the Mormon Church, as it currently exists.

Yet, hopefully, you accept already apprehend “Lesson 21 – Man May Become Like God,” and apperceive and apprehend the accuracy about the absolute assize assize of Mormonism, and are able to ask those Mormon agents a a lot of important catechism during their aboriginal counterfeit presentation, or discussion; a catechism that those elders or sisters, will, in all probability, acknowledgment falsely. Your catechism is, “What is your ultimate afterlife as aces elders, and sisters, of the Mormon Church?” I absolutely apperceive what 10-out-of-10 of those adolescent Mormon macho and changeable missionaries will say in acknowledgment to that question. They will say that their ultimate afterlife is to be in heaven with God. How do I apperceive this? Well, I was one of those corybantic missionaries for over twenty years of my life, accomplishing part-time for twenty years what those full-time missionaries do for two years. For those years, from 1970 until about 1990, I formed actual carefully with hundreds of those full-time missionaries sitting with them in the homes of Christians carrying those six counterfeit discussions to hundreds of -to-be Mormons. I accept to accept heard that catechism airish by Christian Mormon board at atomic a hundred times.

And, of course, if a adolescent teenage-faced Mormon missionary says that he, or she, just wants to get to heaven to be with God, the aimless Christian investigator presumes that such a apprehensive appetite is as Christian in doctrine, in accordance with the Angelic Bible, as the appetite of any being claiming to be a adherent Baptist, Methodist, or Lutheran. Nonetheless, if you accept apprehend “Lesson 21,” you apperceive that the ultimate afterlife of a Mormon ancient is NOT to be humbly in heaven with Jesus, to adoration at his feet, but, rather, to be as “great” as the Mormon father-god, with a basic G, by acceptable a Mormon father-god, with a basic G. Yep! That’s the ultimate afterlife of, supposedly, all aces Mormon elders in accordance with what Joseph Smith, Jr. declared as assize Mormon article in 1844, in what was alleged the “King Follett Discourse,” fourteen years afterwards he appear his Trinitarian, about Wesleyan, assize in the Book of Mormon.

Mormon astrologer Lorenzo Snow became acclaimed in Mormon circles, in the backward 1890s, for creating the absolute anapestic brace for anecdotic the bitter ascent of animal man to Mormon godhood, with a basic G. He wrote, “As man is, God already was, and as God is man may become.” In fact, afore he died he produced a composition that didn’t accomplish it to the acme of American anapestic eminence, but was awful admired in the atramentous branch of LDS apostolic abstract by adherent Mormons as their mantra for their ritual polytheism and the agnostic “celestial adorable parenthood appearing from Mormon father/mother-godhood, with a basic G. You see, a Mormon father-god, in accordance with Joseph Smith, Jr.’s theology, cannot actualize annihilation afterwards the abetment of his goddess-wife. It is about like a affecting book from Greek mythology. Snow’s composition goes as follows, as it is depicted as the aspect of “Lesson 21.”

Has thou not been absurdly bold,

Man’s afterlife to appropriately unfold?

To raise, advance such top desire,

Such all-inclusive appetite appropriately inspire?

“Still, ’tis no apparition that we trace

Man’s claiming in life’s race;

This aristocratic aisle has continued been trod

By angelic men, anniversary now a God:

“As Abra’m, Isaac, Jacob, too,

First babes, afresh men-to Gods they grew.

As man now is, our God already was;

As now God is, so man may be,–

Which doth disentangle man’s destiny.

In one of the acclaimed Mormon hymns, “Come, Let Us Renew,” the third ballad is accounting to be the words of Jesus to a adherent Mormon who has accomplished exaltation, or the accomplished amount of Mormon heaven, through alone his alluvial works. In the words of that verse, the poet-song biographer has Jesus alms his head to the aces Mormon, which is absolutely not what accurate Christians wish in their accord with God, and which Jesus is absolutely not traveling to do. Accurate Christians wish to be with Jesus in heaven, and adoration at his adorable throne, through his all-powerful grace, but to never to sit aloft Jesus’ throne. In the Mormon temple, the men and women who accept their ritual “endowments” are told that they are gods, with a basic G, in the embryo, and that they will eventually be complete gods and goddesses, with a basic G, and will accede thrones, principalities, and admiral to eventually be able to actualize their own saviors, just like Jesus Christ. Yet, according to the Advocate John in the Book of Revelation, Jesus will never abandon his head to anyone. Please agenda the ballad beneath from the Mormon song:

“I accept fought my way through;

I accept accomplished the plan that thou didst accord me to do.”

Oh, that anniversary from his Lord may accept the animated word:

“Well and anxiously done;

Enter into my joy and sit down on my throne;

Enter into my joy and sit down on my throne.”

In the atypical scripture in the New Testament of the Angelic Bible, in Adumbration 4:10, the words of Jesus’ Advocate John are actual bright and understandable, and the adverse agnostic assize and doctrines of Mormonism are assorted with Christian truth.

“The four and twenty-four elders abatement down afore him that sat on the throne, and adoration him that liveth for anytime and ever, and casting their crowns afore the head saying, Thou art worthy, O Lord, to accept celebrity and account and power; for thou hast created all things, and for thy amusement they are and were created.”

Therefore, the ultimate bucking that has existed in Mormon assize back 1835 is acutely apparent to be one in the aforementioned with the ultimate afterlife all adherent faithful Mormon elders, and their wives, as summed up in “Lesson 21 – Man May Become like Gods;” the transformation of animal Mormon elders and their wives into father-gods and mother-goddesses, with a basic G.

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